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Waking up from a horrible dream, you find yourself alone and without memory to how you got there.   Venturing from the safety of your room, will you find answers? Or, will the darkness consume you? 

(Please make sure to click the music player at the top of each passage for proper immersion where needed)

This is an entry for the OTS Jam Vol. 2. The music is where this story  got its inspiration as part of the rules of the contest.  All music licensed and belonging to the artists linked below.

Track 9: https://2hac.bandcamp.com/track/entropeace

Track 13:  https://2hac.bandcamp.com/track/a-train-back-to

Track 14: https://2hac.bandcamp.com/track/into-the-depths

Track 15: https://2hac.bandcamp.com/track/some-day-all-this-will-be-gone Track 16:  https://2hac.bandcamp.com/track/from-stillness-comes-chaos

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